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5&6 december
Voorprogramma De Dijk - Oosterpoort Groningen

More to be announced


MAARIS is an amazing band from Groningen that will ignite your senses. The band is made up of young musicians who share a passion for blues and rock. Blues in the broadest sense of the word: don't expect any traditional jazz or standard 12/8 riffs from this bunch!

Their dainty lead singer Mariska Brink is an energetic lady with a powerful voice and presentation. Drummer Pandu Windartono is power-driven, but his style is incredibly relaxed at the same time; he is the glue that keeps the band together. Hammond man Arnout Arkenbout's is a virtuoso with an elegant and casual style. He is an important addition to the band's unique sound. The band was able to develop their distinct sound in a relatively short period of time, which led to the release of the EP 'Time' in October 2017 (a live recording in 432 Hertz), which was well received.

‘Blues Magazine’ about the EP ‘Time’:

"Blues appeals to people of all ages, and MAARIS proves just that. They play the blues, for sure; their music includes all traditional blues elements, but their sound is refreshing and cutting-edge."

MAARIS realeased a new EP (on vinyl) called "MAARIS" december 2018. Availible the merch stand at MAARIS concerts.
Life is sweet! The band is already looking forward to an interesting new year.

Line up:
Vocals - Mariska Brink
Guitar - Danïel Tanate
Drums - Pandu Windartono
Hammond Organ - Arnout Arkenbout

Bookings:  info@maaris.nl


Recensie: MAARIS - Time (EP)

Het was even wachten, maar nu is ie er dan: de live opgenomen debuut EP 'Time' van de Groningse band MAARIS. Dat de blues van alle leeftijden is blijkt duidelijk uit de muziek die MAARIS speelt. De basis is duidelijk blues, die ingrediënten zijn zeker aanwezig, maar dit is nieuw en fris en alle leden van de band laten je dit uitstekend horen. Eén ding slechts, hoewel niet echt negatief: ik vond het te weinig, we want more, MAARIS, we want more!

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